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Statewide Pedestrian and Bicyclist Focus Education and Enforcement Effort

Post Date

February 18th 2016

Application Due Date

March 21st 2016

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Funding Instrument Type(s)

Cooperative Agreement

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Eligibility Categories


The successful organization must demonstrate that they have the infrastructure in place, as well as the necessary staff and support to carry out the responsibilities in developing, administering/coordinating and implementing this agreement. Only organizations capable of fulfilling the criteria listed below will be considered. The criteria require that: Applicant must have the existence of an organizational infra-structure that will allow staff time necessary to handle the day-to-day logistical needs for this project. Interested applicants are advised that no fee or profit will be allowed under this Cooperative Agreement. Applicants (focus states) shall have a pedestrian and bicycle safety action plan (PBSAP) that has been adopted by the governing body of the jurisdiction. To be eligible to participate in this cooperative agreement, applicants shall meet the following requirements: a. Demonstrate high involvement in the development and/or implementation of the jurisdictionмs Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Action Plan; b. Provide an approved version of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Action Plan (as an appendix to the application); c. Provide data defining the Stateмs or Statesм pedestrian and bicycle high-risk group(s), high-crash locations/intersections and most common pedestrian crash types; d. Considering the extent of the problem and the current needs of the Stateмs pedestrian and bicycle safety programs, show how the requested funding will enable the applicant to make significant progress toward improving or enhancing their pedestrian safety efforts in the focus State; e. Provide a list of related training(s) the State has received for improving pedestrian and bicycle safety; f. Demonstrate leadership or point of contact in the Focus State to champion such a program; g. Demonstrate partnerships with education and enforcement professionals, pedestrian advocacy organizations and others who will be involved in the implementation of the program; h. Demonstrate willingness to accept Federal involvement in proposed effort. NHTSA plans to award three (3) cooperative agreements, via limited competition, to continue the focused city comprehensive approach to pedestrian safety. This Request for Application broadens the scope to include bicycle safety as well as pedestrian safety and will support the implementation of the education and enforcement elements of the localitiesм pedestrian/bicycle safety plans. This broadened approach reflect


  • Estimated Total Funding:


  • Award Range:

    $0 - $1500000

Grant Description

Announcement of a Request for Applications (RFA) to provide assistance to eligible designated pedestrian/bicycle focus States to support focus cities implement education and enforcement components of their local Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Action Plans.

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Department of Transportation

  • Office:

    DOT/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • Agency Contact:

    Seth Moody
    Contract Specialist
    Phone 2023669557

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