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2016 Visiting Fellows: Criminal Justice Statistics Programs

Post Date

March 25th 2016

Application Due Date

May 23rd 2016

Funding Opportunity Number


CFDA Number(s)


Funding Instrument Type(s)

Cooperative Agreement

Funding Activity Categories

Information and Statistics

Number of Awards


Eligibility Categories


Eligible applicants are individuals who have a nationally recognized research portfolio and considerable expertise in their area of proposed research. They should be willing to commit a substantial portion of their time over at least a 12-month period to undertake analyses of BJS data or statistical programs and produce at least one publishable-quality report summarizing their analysis.


  • Estimated Total Funding:


  • Award Range:

    $200000 - $600000

Grant Description

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) Visiting Fellowship Program intended to facilitate collaboration between academic scholars and government researchers in survey methodology, statistics, economics, and social science. BJS Visiting Fellows are provided the unique opportunity to address substantive, methodological, and analytic issues relevant to BJS programs and to further knowledge about and understanding of the operation of the criminal justice system. BJS Visiting Fellows conduct projects that aim to enhance understanding of the operation of the criminal justice system and contribute to improving BJSМ╒▄ш▄╙s statistical programs. The BJS Visiting Fellow program offers researchers, survey methodologists, and statisticians an opportunity to conduct statistical research in a particular area of mutual interest to them and BJS, to examine innovative approaches to the analysis and dissemination of BJS data, and to interact with BJS staff and gain first-hand knowledge of developments in BJS statistical programs.

Contact Information

  • Agency

    Department of Justice

  • Office:

    Office of Justice Programs

  • Agency Contact:

  • Agency Mailing Address:

    Deputy Director

  • Agency Email Address:

  • Location:

    Bureau of Justice Statistics

  • More Information:

    Program Announcement

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