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Government Grant Assessment

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The US Government has been giving out grants to people in need. Unfortunately, people are not aware of the types of grants they are eligible for. This assessment tool will give you a brief idea of the types of grants you may be eligible for. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you may be eligible for the government grant programs listed underneath the questions.

Home and Housing Grants

1. Are you looking to buy a new home?

Available Grants:

  • First Time Homebuyer Grants

2. Are you looking to improve your current home?

Available Grants:

  • Home Improvement Grants

3. Are you currently renting a place?

Available Grants:

  • Rent Payments Assistance Program

4. Do you live on the country side?

Available Grants:

  • Rural Housing Assistance

5. Are you disabled or over 70 years old?

Available Grants:

  • Housing Assistance for Elderly & Disabled People

6. Have you served in the United States Military for more than 5 years?

Available Grants:

  • Veterans Housing Grant programs

Education Grants

7. Are you a student attending a post-secondary institution?

Available Grants:

  • Federal Student Loan Programs
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Scholarships by Government and Private Foundations
  • Merit Grant programs

8. Do you live on campus?

Available Grants:

  • Campus Aid Programs

9. Are you an athlete?

Available Grants:

  • Athletic Grant Programs

Business Grants

10. Are you planning to start a business?

Available Grants:

  • Business Start Up Grants

11. Do you currently own a business?

Available Grants:

  • Business Growth Grants
  • Business Acquisition Grants

Personal Grants

12. Are you in debt?

Available Grants:

  • Transportation Assistance Grants
  • Debts Assistance Program
  • General Living Support Assistance Grants

13. Are you over 70 years old?

Available Grants:

  • Senior Support Assistance Grants

Medical and Health Grants

14. Are you disabled?

Available Grants:

  • Disability Insurance Program
  • Cash Disability Benefits

15. Are you currently on a short-term or long-term medical treatment?

Available Grants:

  • Medical Bills Payment Assistance
  • Employment Support Programs
  • Medicare Grant programs
  • Health Care Financing Grant

16. Do you have any children?

Available Grants:

  • Children Health Insurance Grant
  • Childcare Financial Assistance

17. Are you currently enrolled in a medical school?

Available Grants:

  • Medical Research Grants and Scholarships

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