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Deer Collaring and Tracking PAX River

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March 16th 2015

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April 15th 2015

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Cooperative Agreement

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    $None - $None

Grant Description

This project is geared towards the management and reduction of the wildlife strikes to aircraft aboard NAS Patuxent River Complex, Maryland. The management program is designed to minimize aircraft and automobile exposure to potentially hazardous wildlife strikes at and around NAS Patuxent River Complex. NAS Patuxent RiverŠ¼s Natural Resource staff manages areas adjacent to roadways and runways as not suitable deer habitat, therefore decreasing the risk of deer aircraft and deer auto strikes with aircraft. Knowing the exact movement patterns for several individual deer from various locations a percentage of the actual herd on the installation allows the correct management recommendations.

Contact Information

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    Department of Defense

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    Office of Naval Research

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    Blake Wittmann
    Contract Specialist
    Phone 202-685-1257

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