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Molls Cove Stream Restoration

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April 21st 2015

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May 22nd 2015

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Cooperative Agreement

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    $None - $None

Grant Description

The Patuxent River Naval Air Station (NAS), Webster Field Annex, in St. Maryмs County, Maryland was purchased and developed in 1943 to serve as an outlying field for NAS Patuxent (PAX) River and as a dispersal field in the event of possible air invasion. This outlying field was originally used as an emergency landing field, because of heavy air traffic at NAS Pax River during WWII; however, the Beachville Air Station (as it was called then) was also used for dive-bombing, aerial gunnery, target practice, and glider control experiments. The outlying field was renamed Webster Field in 1944 in honor of Captain Walter W. Webster, an early pioneer of naval aviation. At the end of WWII, air activity at the outlying field decreased considerably until 1947 when the field was reactivated for use by the Naval Air Reserve Training Unit of NAS Anacostia. From 1967-1978, Webster Field underwent several different expansions and construction projects related to ongoing mission requirements. These projects began to increase the runoff from the impervious surface areas that resulted in degradation of waterways around the installation. Several improvement and mission related construction projects continue today, further straining the waterways around the installation with increased runoff during storm events resulting in sedimentation of neighboring waterways. In accordance with the Clean Water Act and E.O. 13508, Webster Field must take action to reduce the sedimentation of surrounding waterways. This Cooperative Agreement will meet those requirements by restoring 764 feet of streams, using the step pool storm conveyance (SPSC) restoration technique along two channels of Molls Cove. The Cooperator will implement the government approved design (Appendix B) on the two channels, identified as the Western Tributary and the Eastern Tributary, which are located approximately 2,000 feet northwest of the intersection of Villa and Saint Inigoes Roads on Webster Field. The two channels have nontidal and tidal sections, and they drain into Molls Cove, a tidal tributary of the St. Maryмs River. The Cooperator shall comply with all permits and authorizations associated with the approved design during the implementation of the design.

Contact Information

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    Department of Defense

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    Office of Naval Research

  • Agency Contact:

    Blake Wittmann
    Contract Specialist
    Phone 804-852-6824

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